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Registration Deadline is December 6, 2016

Better Man Weekend is for selected chapter/provisional chapter President, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Marshal, Recruitment Director, Membership Education Director, Scholarship Director, and Membership Retention Director. Selected chapters/provisional chapters can be found here. No substitutions or replacements are permitted so undergraduates running for those positions in the fall should make sure their schedule will permit them to attend Better Man Weekend in its entirety. Chapters/provisional chapters should schedule elections prior to December 6, so that the new officers are able to register by the deadline to avoid paying registration costs.

Attendee Guide

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Event Expectations

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016 by 5 p.m. PST (to avoid paying registration costs; chapters will pay $400 and provisional chapters will pay $200 if not registered by December 6). Those chapters and provisional chapters that are flying and register by December 6 will also be eligible to be reimbursed for travel-related expenses based on available funding.

Selected chapters/provisional chapters are expected to send the President, Treasurer, Recruitment Director, Membership Education Director, Scholarship Director, Sergeant-at-Arms, Marshal, and Brotherhood Retention Director to Better Man Weekend (unless otherwise communicated by Fraternity Staff). If one of the aforementioned officers can no longer attend the program, they can no longer serve in their position and must be replaced. Proxies/substitutes/committee members are not permitted to attend in place of an officer.

The registration deadline is December 6, 2016 at 5 p.m. Replacements (a newly elected officer and not a proxy/substitute/committee member) can be made through the registration deadline. After the registration deadline, only cancellations are accepted. In the event an officer needs to cancel, he must notify Fraternity Headquarters staff by email Phone calls are not an accepted form of cancellation.

Officers who cancel after the registration deadline, do not show up to the program, or are asked to leave the program for violating the expectations agreement will be billed for the true cost of attending the program ($500) as well as any travel funds paid on their half by the Fraternity. Further, officers who do not serve in their position for the entire term (until at least November 2017) will be billed the true cost of attending the program ($500) as well as any travel funds paid on their half by the Fraternity. Said officers will be individually responsible for those costs and could be sent to collections for failure to pay.

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