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Chartering Benchmarks


Path to Becoming a Chapter

To ensure that new chapters continue to thrive once they charter, Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters has established a list of 16 benchmarks that must be met before the group can submit a petition to charter. Typically within 9-18 months after the initial expansion efforts, the provisional chapter completes the Chartering benchmarks. Members are initiated prior to completing the Chartering benchmarks, however.

  1. Recruitment: The Provisional Chapter has attained the ideal chapter size that was set during the initial development visit. This number was determined by Fraternity Staff after considering the IFC average chapter size on campus, among other factors.
  2. Finances: All men in the Provisional Chapter are paid in full or are on an approved payment plan. The Provisional Chapter should have zero debt and a line-item budget, which includes all costs for the Chartering Ceremony. Provisional Chapter utilizes Legacy Financial for dues collection.
  3. Operations: Group has weekly meeting with minutes distributed online or through email. The Provisional Chapter has an updated constitution and by-laws.
  4. Membership Education: All members of the Provisional Chapter have completed the Alpha Phase using online resources provided by Fraternity Headquarters.
  5. Service: Group has done at least one Community Service Event per academic term with at least 50% attendance.
  6. Philanthropy: The Provisional Chapter has completed one event that raised money and awareness for one of our five philanthropic beneficiaries.
  7. Social/Intramural's: The Provisional Chapter is competitive in at least one intramural sport and/or has hosted a social event with an organization.
  8. Scholarship: The Provisional Chapter GPA exceeds a 2.70 in the term prior to chartering and has a written scholarship plan. Based on the all-Men's GPA, all-fraternity GPA, IFC Standards and/or University standards, the minimum GPA benchmark may be increased.
  9. Institution Relations: The Provisional Chapter attends IFC/Greek Council regularly and has a positive written recommendation from the Fraternity/Sorority Life Advisor.
  10. Chapter Council: The Provisional Chapter has a Grand Chapter Advisor, Parent/Family Relations Advisor, and a Faculty Advisor.
  11. Communications: The Provisional Chapter is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and utilizes accounts provided by Fraternity Headquarters during expansion. All social media accounts are brand congruent.
  12. Standards: The Provisional Chapter has a trained and fully-functioning Standards Board.
  13. Membership Enrichment: The Provisional Chapter hosts one event that focuses on membership enrichment as outlined on the Fraternity website.
  14. Leadership: The Provisional Chapter attends Academy of Leadership, Better Man Weekend, and Elevate/Grand Chapter.
  15. SMART Goals: The Provisional Chapter creates a one-year strategic plan with ends and specific SMART goals.
  16. Brotherhood Development: The Provisional Chapter has at least one brotherhood event per month during the academic year that was substance free and was attended by at least 50% of the members.
  17. Chartering Ceremony Logistics: The Provisional Chapter must coordinate the details for the Chartering Ceremony including date, time, location, food, and attendees. The Provisional Chapter will provide a guest list, budget, and description of the event prior to Chartering.

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