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The Fraternity and Foundation Accept Donations to CLVEN

Communal living environments are an integral part of the fraternity experience. They're places to live and learn, congregate, eat and entertain. They are places to feel secure. Places to have fun and share brotherhood. Places to learn about others and to study. Places for undergraduates to meet and conduct our Ritual Ceremonies.

The majority of our chapters have some type of facility for our members, whether that's a house, lodge, suite, or a reserved floor in a residence hall. Some facilities are owned, leased, and/or rented - however each should be operated by local nonprofit housing corporations run by our alumni and/or our undergraduate members. CLVEN - National Housing Corporation does not currently own and/or manage any of the fraternity's chapter facilities.  If your chapter owns, leases, or rents a facility and doesn't have a House Corporation, contact to discuss the steps to set one up.

Today, CLVEN is able to offer grants, loans, and a mix of grant/loan to chapters/provisional chapters  looking for support in terms of their communal living environment.   However, in the future we hope to be able to do much more.  If you are interested in learning more about making a donation to CLVEN or supporting one of our chapters Building Funds, please contact the Fraternity at The CLVEN staff liaison(s) will be able to direct you to the Foundation or can accept your gift depending on the type of support you would like to give. It should be noted that current tax law does not provide a mechanism for donors to receive a tax-deduction for their donation to CLVEN.

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